Sade ‎– Bring Me Home | Live 2011 DVD+CD

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DVD-1 Soldier Of Love
DVD-2 Your Love Is King
DVD-3 Skin
DVD-4 Kiss Of Life
DVD-5 Love Is Found
DVD-6 In Another Time
DVD-7 Smooth Operator
DVD-8 Jezebel
DVD-9 Bring Me Home
DVD-10 Is It A Crime
DVD-11 Love Is Stronger Than Pride
DVD-12 All About Our Love
DVD-13 Paradise
DVD-14 Nothing Can Come Between Us
DVD-15 Morning Bird
DVD-16 King Of Sorrow
DVD-17 The Sweetest Taboo
DVD-18 The Moon And The Sky
DVD-19 Pearls
DVD-20 No Ordinary Love
DVD-21 By Your Side
DVD-22 Cherish The Day
DVD Extras:
DVD-23 How Do You Say Thank You?
DVD-24 In The Trenches
DVD-25 3 Seconds
Compact Disc:
CD-1 Soldier Of Love 6:17
CD-2 Skin 3:57
CD-3 Kiss Of Life 5:04
CD-4 Love Is Found 4:05
CD-5 In Another Time 4:34
CD-6 Jezebel 6:57
CD-7 All About Our Love 2:38
CD-8 Paradise / Nothing Can Come Between Us 6:22
CD-9 Morning Bird 4:40
CD-10 The Moon And The Sky 4:29
CD-11 No Ordinary Love 5:50
CD-12 By Your Side 4:53
CD-13 Cherish The Day 7:34
Selaa tätä tuoteryhmää: Pop/Rock
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