Ringo Starr – Zoom In EP CD

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Ringo Starr – Zoom In EP
5-track EP by the English rock musician and former Beatle, featuring an all-star group of guest players and vocalists. 'Zoom In' was recorded at Ringo's home studio from April to October 2020. He collaborated with Jeff Zobar who penned the title track, featuring Robbie Krieger on guitar. Sam Hollander wrote and produced 'Teach Me to Tango' to which Ringo added vocals and, of course, drums. Ringo co-wrote 'Tides Will Turn' with his engineer Bruce Sugar, adding reggae musicians who played with Bob Marley. 'Not Enough Love in the World' was written by long-time All Starr member Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams.
1. Here’s To The Nights
2. Zoom In Zoom Out
3. Teach Me To Tango
4. Waiting For The Tide To Turn
5. Not Enough Love In The World
Label: UMC
Released: 2021
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