David Bowie – Metrobolist (Aka The Man Who Sold The World) CD

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Kappalelista: 1. The Width Of A Circle 2. All The Madmen 3. Black Country Rock 4. After All 5. Running Gun Blues 6. Saviour Machine 7. She Shook Me Cold 8. The Man Who Sold The World 9. The Superme. Levy-yhtiö: Warner. Julkaisuvuosi: 2020. Metrobolist ‘new’ artwork is based on the original Mike Weller 1970 sleeve design. Originally released in the United States on 4th November 1970 The Man Who Sold The World album was produced by Tony Visconti and recorded at Trident and Advision Studios in London but was not released until the following April in the U.K. with different artwork. The Man Who Sold The World (50th Anniversary LP) will be titled Metrobolist, the album’s original name, the first Bowie album where Mick Ronson was playing guitar. It will feature a new 2020 Tony Visconti mix, except for the track After All where it was considered the original mix could not be improved upon.

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